Juma PA-100D v2.00b Build 3

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Juma PA-100D v2.00b Build 3

Postby 5B4AIY » 23 Oct 2015 13:35

Version 2.00b Build 3 is essentially a maintenance build, although it does slightly modify the way the alarms are handled.

There is also a minor enhancement to the Serial Test suite. I have now added the 'All Alarms On' mode to the Alarms Test module, to bring it into line with the same test in the Juma TRX-2 test suite. This is used to simulate the multiple alarm handling feature of the firmware without actually having to provoke a series of 'real' alarms.

The alarm message display module has been re-designed using simpler and more efficient coding.

NOTE: To avoid having to restore the defaults and then re-enter your existing calibration and configuration settings, this version automatically updates the alarm mask value during boot-up. The next time you save your calibration settings the new alarm mask value will be saved to the EEPROM. Although it is not essential to do this immediately, I would recommend entering the Calibration & Setup mode after loading this new version and simply saving the existing values to ensure that the alarm mask is positively saved to the EEPROM.

As there are no EEPROM mapping changes, this version can be safely loaded over a previous version 2.00 build. If you are updating from an earlier version of my firmware, then as the EEPROM checksum calculation is completely new, this will provoke a 'Checksum Error!' message on initial boot-up. Please make a note of your existing calibration and configuration values prior to loading this version, and re-enter them after loading this version. Note that there are pages at the back of the User Manual specifically intended for this data.

If you are updating from an original version of the firmware, then you will have to re-calibrate as the measurement system is completely different. Fortunately the essential bias settings are determined by hardware adjustments and thus only the software calibration factors will need adjusting.

73, Adrian, 5B4AIY
PA-100D v2.00b Build 3 (C-Source+HEX Load File+User Manual).zip
Modified alarm handling and alarm message display, minor Serial Test Suite enhancement.
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