Juma TRX-2 Firmware Version 3.0a Build 31

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Juma TRX-2 Firmware Version 3.0a Build 31

Postby 5B4AIY » 23 Aug 2017 05:53

This version changes the way the Rapid Band-Switch function operates. In the previous versions, in order to eliminate the possibility of a cross-band transmission when operating in the SPLIT mode (VFO-A for receive, VFO-B for transmit), whenever a band change occurred, even in the simplex mode, the inactive VFO was checked, and if its frequency was not in the same band as the active VFO, then an automatic frequency/mode equalisation occured. However, some of my contest operator friends advised me that this was not the normal approach, and so this build modifies this behaviour.

With this version, the only time an automatic band equalisation will occur is if the SPLIT mode is in effect, and you change bands. If you operate simplex with either VFO-A or VFO-B and change bands, the contents of the inactive VFO are no longer altered. As before, if you wish to equalise the frequency/mode of a simplex VFO, then press and hold the VFO button until the long push timer expires (650mS), and the contents of the active VFO will be copied to the inactive VFO.

If you select the SPLIT mode (The LCD will display 'Splt' on the bottom line instead of VFOA or VFOB), to ensure that both the transmit and receive VFOs are on the same band, press and hold the RIT button to select the Rapid Band-Switch function, and either select the desired amateur band, or else if VFO-A is already on the desired band, then simply exit, and if VFO-B was not on the same band its contents will now be equalised with that of VFO-A.

If you wish to ensure that to start the split frequency setup that VFO-B and VFO-A are the same, then select the Rapid Band-Switch mode, rotate the VFO knob to select a different band, then rotate it back to the desired band and exit. The contents of VFO-A will be copied to VFO-B. If RBS Mode-B is in effect, then the contents of VFO-A will not have been altered, as in this mode it is the last frequency/mode that is saved. Full details are in the User Manual. You can examine the previous post to quickly read about the RBS mode differences.

So, if you prefer automatic frequency equalisation when changing bands, even in the simplex mode, then use Build 30, on the other hand, if you prefer equalisation only when changing bands with the SPLIT frequency mode in effect, use this build.

Note-1: The User Manual is formatted for double-sided printing, there are blank pages to ensure that a new section will always start on a facing (odd) page.

Note-2: There are two HEX load files in the archive. The normal file is: juma-trx2.hex, there is also juma-test.hex. This latter file has exactly the same features and operating system as the normal file, it just has an extended Serial Test Suite with the ability to display some additional low-level data, as well as the ability to measure the contact bounce of the front panel buttons, and an EEPROM erase and restore command. It is only of real use if you are experiencing problems with the frequency synthesiser, button select logic or EEPROM function. In which case I would then ask you to load this version, and conduct a few tests and send me the results. It is not normally loaded, although it will not cause any harm if you do.

As with all firmware updates, it is a wise precaution to make a note of your calibration and configuration data prior to loading a new version. There are pages in the User Manual prepared for this data. This version can be safely loaded over a previous Version 3.0, but if you are updating from an earlier version of my firmware, then make a note of your calibration/configuration because this version changes the EEPROM mapping compared to a previous version, which will provoke a CHECKSUM ERROR message on first start-up. This is perfectly normal, and only occurs the first time. You will then need to restore your previous settings, or else re-calibrate. If you are updating from the original firmware, then as the measurement system is completely different you will need to recalibrate.

73, Adrian, 5B4AIY
Juma TRX2 Operation Manual v3.00a Build 31 (Text Only).pdf
Updated RBS feature.
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Juma TRX-2 v3.00a Build 31 (C-Source+HEX Load Files).zip
Modifies RBS, automatic frequency equalisation on band change only when SPLIT is active.
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