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Where to download dsPICbootloader?

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2017 21:13
by AH6EZ
I am trying to upgrade my TX500 to v1.09 so I can have more modes for the new 630m band.
73, Dick AH6EZ

Re: Where to download dsPICbootloader?

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2017 06:51
by 5B4AIY
Hi, Dick,

You can find the Ingenia bootloader here:

This will link you to a list of files, and the one you want is at the bottom:

Simply click on this file, and you will be prompted to save the file.

You will also need the replacement configuration file. Using the same link, locate the file: ibl_dspiclist.xml and right-click on it and using the 'save target' option save the file to your disk.

Alternatively, you can email me at: and I will forward both files to you.

73, Adrian, 5B4AIY